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The right tool for the job.

I was once taught a simple rule:  use the right tool for the right job.  A screwdriver isn't a crowbar.  A Civic isn't a race car.  A smartphone isn't a 1D X.

If you own a 7D you own a camera better than 99% of the cameras in the world.  That is partially because of the technology it employees and partially because most cameras are in phones or are ancient P&S cameras.  Most images are taken by people who care very little about photography and who spend money proportional to that level of interest.

That being the case, better is better.  Medium format has its place, as do full frame and crop sensor cameras.

So the question really is, why do you feel better?  That is, why did you need to feel better in the first place?  Did your 7D not perform as you needed it to?  Did you think you needed $250,000 high-precision wrench used to fix the Hubble Space Telescope and then discover you really only needed a Craftsman torque wrench from Sears?

The only thing that would make me feel better is discovering that I was finally the photographer I want to be.  Knowing that my main limitation was my equipment would suddenly mean that I was such a stellar photographer that the money then required to upgrade to what I truly needed would flow like water from the bathroom sink because people would be throwing money at me and begging for more pictures to buy.

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