Straight Talk about quality for a newb

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Straight Talk about quality for a newb

I'm really looking to have some people talk me down so I can stop obessing over reasearch.

First my question which you can feel free to answer now or read my whole sitation:

I keep reading about poor quality video or slow auto focus and all sorts of other things that really have me questioning if an upgrade from an Iphone 5 camera is really any better. With so many complaints about the D5300, XT-1 and a6000 (read why these 3 below) it honestly has me wondering if these will be considerably better then my Iphone?  Again I know it seems like a stupid question but read reviews about the a6000 kit lens and tell me I'm wrong.


Here's my situation. I'm getting me and my soon to be wife a camera for our wedding(she is aware ). We currently both use the Iphone 5 and they work completely fine for video and pictures for us. I'm not a photo guy who would go in and edit a picture on my macbook at this point. But we will be starting a family/life and I'd like for us to have a nice dedicated camera. I don't know how to use ISO, F stops or any other number of terms but I'd like to start learning basics.

My new camera will be on what ever the auto mode is 80+% of the time

All and all we are now point and shoot people. I've narrowed it down to a few cameras and am basing my desicion on which one feels best in my hands because that will impact my use. Let me run you through my thought process for each before me and her go to best buy to actually hold each one.  I've already done this.


I don't think a DSLR is the way we want to go becuase of the bulk. I see my friends with D3300 lugging around a big camera bag and that just isn't us. Though I'm still keeping this open as an option and I liked the d5300 over the t5i mostly just for size reasons and from reviews. The more exensive DSLRs are just to big. I've looked at the D5300 which is one of the options I will have her try and see what she think.

I like the idea of an all in 1 camera and was really interested in the Sony RX-100M3 but it just felt to small. I didn't like it's feel at all and the pop up EVF is useless because I'll never bother with it or I'll break it.

So really I'm looking at mirrorless like so many other posts I've deciding between a few. I've counted out the Olympus M1 and M10 because I just didn't like the feel.

I'm mostly looking at the XT-1 and a6000. I have a feeling that the wedding may not happen if I drop 2K on the XT-1 but I can still dream and may be able to make this happen. I like the idea of the XT-1 incase I ever wanted to be able to use those dials on top which look like ancient eygiptian about now.  I know MPs aren't supposed to matter because I'm never really doing anything bigger then a desktop background so I'm not worried about its 16mp. I also really like the sturdy feel.

I like the feel of the a6000 and it seems fun to shoot with.  If I get the a6000 I'll prob get the sony prime 35mm18 as my main lens if needed.  No lenses anytime soon with the xt-1.

So again will I be able to take good quality pictures and basic videos of my futurefamily with all of these cameras.


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