What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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Re: What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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Look at the DSLRs you see the same, more FF lenses are made then APS. Count the APS lenses for Canon or Nikon and compare them with the number of FF lenses and you will be amazed. Accept it, FF is the future of lenses, just a few APS lenses will come.

I know, but there are a lot of complaints that APS-C lenses are under-represented in Canon and Nikon. I have a few concerns about how Sony intends to fill out the FE line. There's not as much incentive to design inexpensive FF lenses. FF shooters tend to be less price conscious. Also, there seems to be a tendency for Sony to go with smaller apertures in the FE line if the existing lenses are any indication.

I shoot Pentax. Lots of their lenses labelled as APS-C actually cover FF. I am not too fussed about the increased barrel size to cover FF image circle, but they have to be made small enough that they don't unbalance an APS-C body. If Sony could make an 85mm f2 that is about the size of the Pentax 77mm f1.8, that would be good for APS-C shooters. If it's Canon 85mm f1.8 size, it's too chunky for comfort on a NEX style body.

Pentax FA 77mm f1.8 Limited

With proper dimensioned AF motor, internal focussing and decent close focussing distance, then it is probably very difficult to make lenses as compact as in the past.

However, the two FE primes are pretty compact FF AF lenses, they don't come much more compact than that.

APS-C shooters are pretty nicely covered from the widest angle to normal to long end. Long APS-C primes are missing though, but the 55mm makes a great 85mm equiv. lens and upcoming FE primes for the long end will most likely be very usable for APS-C shooters.

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