Wakeboarding with E-M5 ** FISHEYE to make a difference...

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Some GoPro Heros were also used...

lambert4 wrote:

Nice perspective and well done. They are views usually reserved for fixed rigs or divers in water sports. As always thanks for sharing.

Some GoPro Heros were also used for special angles.  But they don't deliver the same IQ in stills.

GoPro was a co sponsor.  I gotta say that some of the toys they rolled out, were pretty spectacular and fun.

One guy was a real ace in remote controlling drones with cameras mounted.

The commercially available (not too expensive) drones looked like fun.

But they also used more professional gear that was just awesome.  One of their four-propeller heli drones could fly amazingly fast : it could almost keep up with the wakeboarders, for awesome shots from high or from near the water.  I still gotta see the footage but it is bound to be quite something.

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