Panasonic Lumix GF3 Shutter Lag

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Re: Panasonic Lumix GF3 Shutter Lag

woodyu388 wrote:

It sounds like the OP is complaining not about the focusing delay or shutter lag, but the amount of time the shutter is staying open. The "" is exactly what you'd hear if you were using a really slow shutter speed like 1/2 of a second as the OP implied. If the OP is unable to speed up the shutter beyond 1/160th, that's because the OP is using the flash, where 1/160th is the max sync speed. The first thing that I can think of, is that the OP may have inadvertently set the flash mode to slow sync, which would cause long exposures when the flash is enabled (obviously except in shutter priority mode).

If it's not just that the flash is in slow sync mode, options are: Get a faster lens like the now quite affordable 20mm f1.7 so you can use faster shutter speeds in low light without the flash, or use 1/160th with the flash but capture more light from the flash during the exposure, reducing the effective exposure time to the length of the flash burst.

Regarding the lens casting shadows, this typically happens only if you are using the flash at 14mm and are very close to your subject. Simply being farther away will help a lot with this. There is still a slight shadow visible in most group type shots at 14mm with the 14-42, but I've found that the 14-45 (which is slightly shorter) rarely if ever casts a shadow in most of my shots. The other option to avoid shadows is simply to zoom in a little bit. By 18mm, most shadows from the 14-42 are no longer in the field of view.

I was wondering if you knew why the GF3 manual says on its "Shutter speed for each flash setting" table that shutter speeds on flash modes "A" ,"A red eye", "S" and "S red eye" go down to 1/4000th? Straight underneath it says that "When the flash is activated the fastest shutter speed that can be selected is 1/160 of a second."

Am I getting something wrong? Did they screw up or does this depend on your lens?

I am fairly new to photography but I like have control over my camera. I would of thought that manual mode would allow you to choose a shutter speed with flash regardless. It seems strange because when you use flash you could easily be taking a photo that needs a faster shutter speed than 1/160th, especially with no tripod.

I know there would be enough light for a decent photo with a faster shutter speed and flash on the GF3 especially with higher ISO. I would of thought it wouldn't be hard to sync a fast shutter speed with a flash?

It does also say that the above flash modes are not available on manual mode on the table "Available flash settings by Recording Mode" but when I use the recording modes that supposedly support faster shutter speeds with flash I am still limited to 1/160 shutter speed as it said below the table. (page 74 & 75 advanced manual)

Basically to me, the manual says I can shoot at 1/4000th with flash then straight below says I'm limited to 1/160th with flash.

If it can shoot with flash at 1/160th why can't it shoot faster within that flash time? Do better cameras give you manual mode that allows full manual - manual over ISO,SS,F and flash?

I think I want to step up to a less point-and-shoot camera. The GF3 seems to be good but limiting. Any advice/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

- Brad

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