Wakeboarding with E-M5 ** FISHEYE to make a difference...

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Wakeboarding with E-M5 ** FISHEYE to make a difference...

I shot the Red Bull Streamline Cable-Wakeboarding competition in Antwerp last Saturday.

This consists of athletes on wakeboards being pulled by cable in a decommissioned harbour dock, and performing tricks over various obstacles. Throw in sun and loud music for good measure.

Needless to say, I was not the only guy with a camera around.

I was also not the only guy with large and bright telephoto lenses (in my case : the ZD150 and ZD35-100 on E-5, coupled with EC-14 : I knew from scouting the venue during training on Friday that this would be just the right reach and flexibility).

So undoubtedly there will be far more (and probably better) images of the jumping action floating the web in a few days.

My gallery is online since yesterday: http://roelh.zenfolio.com/p562034047

I was also not the only one with access to the launch platform and who rode a zodiac for limited time during the event (thanks to Red Bull who granted me that access).  At least half a dozen, if not more, other photographers had the same privileges.

So in order to distinguish myself a bit from all the "real" sports photographers, I resorted to using my beloved fisheye (Rokinon 7.5mm on E-M5, used really close) for some special angles.

Fisheye held high above my head (shooting blind) to incorporate the MAS Museum landmark with a launch:

Sequence of two shots in burst mode (I deleted one inbetween and quite a few that followed after these two : when he touched the water he was already too far away for good effect). This time with fisheye held very low, almost with the battery grip touching the water (again shooting blind, for another unusual angle - manual focus is not an issue for this kind of thing):

Thanks for looking.

But here is an idea : feel free to include here your own fisheye images, where you used the fisheye not just to get the widest possible view (in landscapes and interiors), but where you used the lens to create views that are really different.

Come on, there must be at least a few skateboarding photographers here?

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Roel Hendrickx
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