What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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Re: What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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I am new to the nex/alpha range but to me it seems like a no brainer to produce a small 24mm 1.8 with OSS (maybe similar to the SEL35?). I know there is one 24mm and it is supposed to be great but it is large, no OSS and expensive. Am I missing something?

What you're missing is that Sony's interest is transfixed on FF, and they are lacking in FE-mount lenses. I doubt we'll see any APS-C lenses any time soon. If there's a new 24mm, I expect it to cover FF, probably f2.8 to keep it small, high quality/ premium price.

But this FE lens will work perfectly on any APS Sony mirrorless camera. The FE range will in the future be the major reason why we get all the FL lenses we want, as Sony can sell them to both groups of users. Some special APS lenses will come (for WA and maybe one or two tele zooms)

Look at the DSLRs you see the same, more FF lenses are made then APS. Count the APS lenses for Canon or Nikon and compare them with the number of FF lenses and you will be amazed. Accept it, FF is the future of lenses, just a few APS lenses will come.

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