GM1 - only 1/50 flash sync speed

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Re: GM1 - only 1/50 flash sync speed -- and?

uzevla wrote:

John Pennington wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

It'll be fine except in some very odd circumstances.

My E-PL3 only does 1/160. That's not much better in terms of professional work (which I do with it routinely) -- and EVERY professional in the world using a full frame 35mm film camera was restricted to 1/60th of thereabouts back in the day.

And hey, they (we! dammit) managed to do pretty well!

I think you're shying at shadows.

The great thing about the GM1 is that it will be in your hand when no other camera is around providing top class IQ.

Cheers, geoff

Great point. We get spoiled with higher sync speeds these days. Maybe I should have a re-think, and assess the flash sync speed I really need.

Well, this is a very old post but I am astonished by the comments of these two guys that I had to reply. Did you guys come from the twilight zone, some parallel universe or what ?

Remarks about what professionals use and some odd circumstances where 1/50 might not be enough. Huh, this is the craziest thing I heard in a while. Not sure it's worth commenting.

Let me give you a hint: You might easily need 1/500 to freeze the subject in action.

They are not talking about 1/50 shutter speed. They are talking about 1/50 shutter delay. Which means no matter what shutter speed you use, it will take 1/50s to complete to exposure. So very fast action will have a rolling shutter effect.  And because of this limitation of the shutter (1/50 shutter time) the flash sync time is limited to 1/50.  Even when not using flash and using high speeds you will have a 1/50s delay for the shutter as that's a physical limit of the shutter.

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