My Prediction: E-M1 Firmware Update

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Re: My Prediction: E-M1 Firmware Update

Its RKM wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

High quality doesn't necessarily have to mean 4K. If the video of the E-M1 improves to the level of the GH3, with the Olympus IBIS, it will be quite an impressive all around piece of equipment. It's just a shame that Panasonic seems stingier with their sensor technology than Sony. I still remember the bad old days of the first m43, before Olympus starting sourcing from Sony for the E-M5, where Olympus was always using hand me down technology in their sensors from Panasonic.

Heat due to the floating sensor will prevent it. This is basic physics.

That isn't physics at all, it is mere speculation.

The main power dissipation on a CMOS sensor is during readout and the EM-1 already runs quite happily at 10fps for full 16Mp resolution - and outputs additional frames in between those to update the EVF. Running at 3x the frame rate (ie. 30fps) with half as much data (4K video) doesn't seem too much, if at all, beyond the power levels that the IBIS system already dissipates quite satisfactorily.

I'm not saying that the EM-1 is likely to get 4K, in fact I think its very unlikely to, but the power dissipation capability of the IBIS mount is unlikely to be a deciding factor - or at all relevant.

That's not what engineering folks who design these things say.

I'll applaud if it ever happens that they update firmware with new movie capabilities beyond what it already has. Until that time, I will be skeptical.

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