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romfordbluenose wrote:


High ISO, VR and good handholding techniques is probably what you need for hand held shots not necessarily f2.8.

Good handholding techniques will give you an extra 2-3 stops in my experience. So you should be able to handhold your 35mm at around at 1/8 without too much problem although it won't be pin sharp.

For long I thought VR was just a marketing gimmick. I newer had it for 35mm and it never seemed to make much of a difference with DX. I was therefor quite surprised when I started to play with a 24-85 VR on my D700. I stumbled upon a "worst case scenario" during a bumpy bus ride through the Lincoln Tunnel this summer. I was in this pitch black bus, just some faint light through the windscreen up front. My whole world was rattling and shaking like crazy while I tried to put my camera bag down by my feet. I then thought to my self, what if I would try to take a picture under these circumstances, just to test the VR? Below is the result. I am not proud of the picture itself but this was the first time I thought to myself that VR might actually work

Handheld, 1/30 sec @ 72mm, f/4.5 and ISO 6400 (on a jumping bus with the worst light ever).

And here is another example of a situation where VR prove to be quite useful. I still prefer fast glass over slow but I have to admit that VR do work and can make a cheap kit lens like the 24-85 VR quite useful even in low light.

Handheld 1/40 sec @ 36mm, f/4 and ISO 6400 (pitch black exhibition @ National Museum of Natural History).

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