Pictures sometimes become green for no apparent reason

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Pictures sometimes become green for no apparent reason

Hi guys, this is my first post here, hopefully the first of many.

I have recently started selling some products online and for that of course I needed to learn to take clear pictures. I purchased a used Nikon D3000 camera and built a light box consisting of 6 white wooden panels, with a hole in one of them for the camera to peek through.

However for some reason, some of the photos that I take seem to come out with a green tint overall, whereas others come with a natural colour, as you can see in the attached photos.

I have no idea why this is happening, they are all being shot in the same conditions and with the same manual settings on the camera. Could there be something wrong with my camera? Or is there something else I'm overlooking.

I usually like to just edit the Levels on Photoshop to make the background effectively white, however this can't be done if the photo is coming out green, as I have to also play around with the colour balances, and because each photo needs different amount of adjustment, it creates inconsistent looking photos for each product, especially as I often use a variety of pictures in the same final image (to incorporate different angles of the product).

These are the settings I'm currently using:

Shooting Mode - Manual
Shutter Speed - 1/500
Aperture - F20
ISO - 800
White Balance - Auto

Any advice to help me improve my product photos would be greatly appreciated.

Photo with a strong Green Tint

Photo taken under same conditions, now comes out naturally


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