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M35G35 wrote:

Certainly cost is going to be a factor. It has taken me a few years to get to this point. I have a D800E and just acquired a Df, magnificent images from that camera. I have three lenses for landscape photography, 16-35G/f4, 24-120G/f4 and the 80-400G/VRIII. Now through my PC in the backpack it is near 24lbs that I am carrying through the airport. There are several other items in the bag, i.e. SB800 flash, filters, batteries and chargers and some minor parts. I would forgo 24-70/f2.8 or any f2.8 lenses for landscapes. Adds weight and cost. The 18-35G is lightweight and cost less than the 16-35G/f4 and probably a tad better images. My D800E has a battery grip that adds additional weight. I don't know why I carry it around for landscapes? Hope this gives some thoughts. Good luck on your decision.

besides cost and weight, is there any other reason you would forgo f2.8 lenses?
Up until now, i really feel dependent on my 35 f1.8 lens for night images. I dont have any fast lenses except for that and i'd really love to have one that could allow me to take hand held shots at night as well

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