Chickadee Fun with D810

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Re: Thought my D810 was a lemon

I picked up mine late afternoon yesterday. Then I had to run to a shoot away and don't feel comfortable risking missing those shoots. And I'm not sure if I need any AF fine tuning with my lens. I'll sure post up once I have chance to give it a run.

So I got to share this story tho: With the D800 AF problem, I want to make sure I don't buy an upgrade with the same problem. I was I bit concerned around that and very cautious not getting a lemon. When I test my camera at the shop, I pointed it to different distances but the camera AF didn't move or do anything. While this was the first time I picked up the camera, I knew AF menu and buttons weren't much differences from my D800. After I did all the checking, it still didn't move all. I was freaking out a bit (as I already sold my D800) and then I finally realized that they put a 24mm on the body. D810 didn't even need to move the AF motor to know it is already in focus for anything a couple feet away. Then they put on a 50mm and it just worked smooth and quick. I was so used to the D800 oddity that having that fixed almost caused me an heart attack. Other than like, I am really liking the faster and more confident response of the AF.

Enjoy Nothing like a new camera and nothing like the D810


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