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Re: Love the one you're with.

bigpigbig wrote:

In the new (much better) image the Landsandgrooves just posted, the "problem" I am referring to is still visible. Use the loupe and view the dark brown curved wooden oar rests.

Before I get called a pixel peeper, I realize that in most prints this would be difficult to see, but what I have a problem with is that the in camera processing is not as good (at this aspect of rendering) as a third party software.

This "blocking" of dark tones does not happen when the RAW files are processed in Irridient. I have tested this repeatedly. It occurs at all ISO's in the shadow areas of an image.

Also, there is none of this "blocking" of shadows in a D800/10 jpg (I only reference it as these are the two cameras I shoot with) or a RAW processed Fuji-X file.

I sincerely hope that a firmware update could address this part of the in camera jpg processing.

That's shadow banding, I have noticed it on many images where there's a smooth gradient (sky, skin). I even posted a thread about it but it was quickly buried.

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