Winners***Mini-Challenge 34 Body Parts***Winners

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Winners***Mini-Challenge 34 Body Parts***Winners

I tried posting this many times, but it wouldn't post with the photos in it.  I kept getting an error message. If you want to see the winning photos, I'm sorry, you'll have to look them up yourself.

Without a doubt my favourite shot for this challenge was Karen's eyes:

but it was only Exhibition,

I also liked the eyeball by Dan:

I think it's a wonderfully detailed observation of an eyeball, but for me the yellow part is distracting. I don't feel that the composition is as good as the beautiful smoky rendition of the iris. Third place.

Trafford's Don't get arthritis, is on the other hand, a very good composition.

The colours balance, the geometric shapes contrast effectively with the spine, and I like the background, (floor) very much. With an eye for humour, Trafford is always doing his own, interesting thing. Second place

Before I get to the winner, here are three honourable mentions:

Hair by Gary:

Can't see the face, here, but you know that this is someone lovely, and loved.

Look Out by Harvey Rawn:

Interesting on a lot of levels, including, as Harvey points out, how did they do it?

One of three shots by AlGor, Main girl parts:


and now, without further ado, I present the winner,

Entry 2 by Elliott. It's about lips, as a body part, but seen from an unusual angle in an interesting activity. Just as the subject is engaged with his sugar nipple, I'm engaged with this photo.

Your turn, Elliot.

Thanks everyone for supporting the Challenge.

Best wishes

John Dunn

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