PEN series confuses me- help!

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PEN series confuses me- help!

Hi everyone,

I hope this isn't the 1000-th post on this subject (I used search function)

I am considering buying a new camera from Olympus in the next 2 months. Prety much set on Oly because I love my XZ-1 and I have Olympus Flash too. I love the results and the Oly viewer 3 software!

I did think about the OM-D series but they are over my budget. Or not... anyway this post is about the PEN cameras:)

Which PEN camera is a good deal to get right now? Unfortunately I can't try any of them where I live so any input is very much appreciated! I don't do any video so this would be for stills.

1. E-PL5 seems like a very nice camera. I am a little worried by the lack of any dials on the camera but then the reviews seem to say that it is comfortable to use. I like shooting with the XZ-1 despite some menu diving so maybe this is not a problem- I do shoot mostly in M mode or Av/Tv. Any comments on this camera? The IQ seems to be nice and the body looks ok too.

2. PEN E-P5 - beautiful camera. has lots of controls. It seems expensive though- maybe I could get a used one, or maybe when they go on sale. Anyway- I'd rather invest in lenses if the IQ on this camera is similar to E-PL5. Anyone used both and could comment?

3. Or maybe it is good time to buy an older generation camera? Perhaps the E-P3? Is the jump in quality large?

4. Maybe new ones are right around the corner- any rumors???

Thanks for any help!


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