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Elti87 wrote:

KSV wrote:

For travel you should think weight and size - believe me it is not fun to hang on your neck heavy camera coupled with heavy lens. You should think D610 or Df

I've been traveling for year now. I don't mind carrying and extra kg or so

If you use 24-70/2.8, camera weights (D610 vs 800) do not seem to make much difference to me (size does a little bit though in terms of carrying bag). I am not talking about number of pounds here, just the feel I get. 24-70 balances very well on 800 - feels like made for each other. I would suggest to go to a store and handle yourself before making judgement. It is trivial thing to say but don't underestimate it is what YOU feel matters most.

In terms of upgrades I were in situation similar to yours. I also upgraded from D7000, my second DSLR. First I sold my lovely 17-55/2.8, 35/1.8 and then the camera. In the mean time, I tested 600, Df and 800 (I rented the later two). I bought 800E and I am not going to look back to like 600/610 and Df. As has already been suggested in this thread, lugging around 800 with 24-70 (its worse with 70-200) whole day is not fun. But, so is 610 and 24-70. However, 610 and 24-85 or 24-120 is a different story, better for travel. But 24-70 is the lens of a different league in terms of crispiness of images.

I purchased 16-35/f4. Very sharp but prepare to handle a lot of distortions at wide side. Good thing is that you can use the same filter you use in 24-70, less bulk to carry around. Since you have have Lee filters, 14-24 is better for IQ, if price, weight and bulk are no concern. But note that, if you have not already, you will be surprised to know how wide 24 mm is in full frame compared to D7000. In my case (mostly, landscape), 24 mm mostly wide enough. I am hunting for a good old nikon 18mm/2.8 though. Now I am sure I do not need 14 mm.

Good luck.

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