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romfordbluenose wrote:

Elti87 wrote:

I currently use Nikon D7000 with Sigma 10-20 f4.5, 18-105 kit lens, nikkor 35mm f1.8, 55-200mm and manual kiron 105mm f2.8 macro lens and some other extra stuff (Lee filter system etc).
I mainly shoot Landscapes and Portraits and want to go FF (travel photography).
I know that I will have to buy a whole new set of lenses to fit the FX sensor.
I was thinking of either the D610 or D800. Since I mostly do travel photography I guess the D610 will suit my needs better.
As for lenses to go with it - Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 and as for wide-angle for the landscape photography I am not sure which I should get:
1. Nikkor 14-24 - stunning quality but the front element will force me to buy a very expensive adapter to fit my lee filter holder in front of it.
2. Nikkor 16-35mm - Great quality, but not as good as the 14-24.
Another issue will be a telephoto lens.. any recommendations?
Just wondering what you guys think.

You're planning on moving from a fairly inexpensive set of gear to a very expensive set of gear. before we can really answer this do you have a budget in mind?

I do. I have calculated exactly how much I will spend for each option (including wonderpana adapter etc.)

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