Selling photos online?

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Re: Selling photos online?

Hi there... I sell a selection of photos online, which Ive been working on for the last couple of months... hope its not classed as spam if I post this link but...

I just do digital photo cards, and A4 prints. All printed on my canon s820. Apart from the online website, I have a selection of photocards in a shop in Brighton which sell about 10-15 a week. Quite happy with that really :). I wouldn't call it a business but its more my hobby really getting a bit of pocket money whilst enjoying taking photos. I need to venture out alot more around Sussex with castles etc. My Favourite are Cape Cod, but no one wants Cape Cod photos in the UK.. LOL
The main problem with how im doing this is getting the materials cheap
Kind Regards

Alex [Scorpio] wrote:

I keep reading that some people are going to sell
their photos online (on and other sites).
Is it worth to try to sell photos - do people buy them?
Where can I find more information (what's the category
for such pics on


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