DP2M, HDR, Manual AEB and who do I need to hurt?

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DP2M, HDR, Manual AEB and who do I need to hurt?

I'm for the most part loving my DP2M .. having all sorts of great fun with it and no so great fun with SPP

Decided to try some clever pano's with HDR - which i figure should look awesome with what seems to be hardly any distortion on the DP2.

For the life of me, i couldn't figure out what was wrong with my manual exposures, as they were all way over exposed.

So finally today, armed with my EOS-M to use as a light meter and Exp Sim tool (smiles), and my DP2M i decided to tackle this.  Was it me? did i somehow forget how to do sunny 16 in my head?

After looking carefully and finally figuring out that when you set AEB to -3, 0, +3, the manual dialed exposure is really for the first exposure - ie: the -3EV shot. I raged, I wept, I expounded on the pure insanity of someone's firmware coding decision and quickly changed my AEB back to 0, -, +

Life is now good.

Armed with a glint in my eye with ICE and Photomatix and .. *cries* SPP, now to process those raws and see whether or not it all can pull together in a pano.  To be honest - I've never tried to pull in a panoramic HDR.

20 minutes later i'm done with SPP....

btw, I'm so seriously impressed with Microsoft ICE.  my two image output from photomatix was rolling in at 670MB each - and ICE loaded them out and spit out the result faster than SPP could think about applying an -1EV exposure change o.O

(is there a way to batch apply settings to multiple RAW files?)

Every day i open up an Sigma Raw, and i get chills.

I can't think I've ever had a camera do that -- maybe my first digital SLR.  I love my M's for their compactness, lenses and even really output - but this really is in another universe as far as what you can get out of it.

Here's a quick and dirty HDR pano from my 'test bridge" down the road from me.

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