Nikon1 AW-1 advice please

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Nikon1 AW-1 advice please

(I have also posted this in the Underwater forum)

I'm thinking of buying a Nikon AW1 in a kit with the 11-27.5, plus the 10mm and some bits and pieces (see below).

The immediate (well a few months away) use is snorkelling for a week on Pemba Island, Tanzania, and then I'd continue to use it as a second camera on wildlife trips for taking quick non-telephoto shots (I currently use a Nikon1 V1 in this role, but the AW1 would have the advantage of being rainproof etc).


The review at says:

in the 4th day, the camera started fogging up, which was reported by users but I never encountered until today. I figured I left the camera on too long without turning off and this overheats the camera causing fogging. ... That is why is always good to turn off camera when snorkeling until you find something good to photograph.

I've also seen elsewhere that using the camera for long bursts of video causes fogging. I don't really understand why this should be. My understanding is that fogging occurs when warm humid air meets a cooler surface. I presume that the fogging above occurs on the inner surface of the back element of the lens.
- Where does the extra humidity come from? By evaporation off the sensor or processor?

I'm thinking about getting the AW 40.5 NC filter that goes on the front of the lens to reduce fogging. I presume that it reduces fogging by slowing the rate at which the front element of the lens cools underwater, and therefore reducing condensation on the inside of the front element.
- Does anybody have this filter, and do you think it works/is worth the money? (I'd have to pay about 75 pounds (GBP) for it, which is quite a lot).
- Is swapping the filter between lenses practical?

Other accessories

I'm thinking of getting the HN-103 lens hood (for use above water), and the Nikon silicon jacket and wrist strap.
- Any comments on these?

Scaring fish?

- Do bright colours scare fish when snorkelling? Does the colour of camera, snorkel gear, swim shirt and shorts matter. If so, what colours are best?

Any other advice gratefully received! Thanks.

Nikon 1 AW1
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