A little help with the camera market 101?

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A little help with the camera market 101?

I think I understand the following phenomenon, but I just want some confirmation.

I'm battling price/IQ/feature creep while shopping for the best value possible in a 350 dollar compact digital camera.

I can hunt down the links in my history if it's necessary but I'm sure most people are well aware of the market swings I'm asking about here. Over and over in the last week I've identified the "best" compact digital, a few even aps-c and micro 4/3 within that budget! Wow. Lucky me!

I try to limit searches to one year on Google but look at two year older as well to stay attuned to discontinued models.

But EVERY SINGLE TIME I identify a great price on a camera that is highly rated, or highly rated and discontinued (but still available), it was available within the last 10 months at HUGE discount. But the price right now has edged back up nearer its list.

The first example I noted was the Samsung EX2F.  A discontinued model.  250 dollars almost a year ago.  339 today.

These were just today's examples. There are at least a dozen more.



So, is this just economics 101? All camera prices drop over time as last year's model or discontinued, but every time a reviewer shouts model X up, model X gets a lift in sales and the retail price rises according to demand.

Is that all?

It's just so damn frustrating to see so many 500 and 600 dollar cameras that I could have afforded less than a year ago.

What is the secret here? A little bit of playing the stock exchange? Having your ear well enough tuned to see what the hot deals are on this years' highly undervalued models to take advantage of steep discounts before everyone else catches on to the value? If so, is it a matter of spending hours and hours in forums and review sites to predict the future? Are there reputable sources online that can assist in spotting models that will present these great values in the future?  (i realize i have a tenuously related thread elsewhere at dpreview).

Or am I over thinking this? Are camera prices simply rising across the board? I'm shopping 10 months too late? Is it a bad time right now to be investing in a camera? 350 is not much, but it's an investment for me.

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