lens choice- confused!

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lens choice- confused!

Greetings for the day!

I am using Nikon D5200 for over an year now with only the kit lens 18-55 mm.

As I got good hands on wide variety of subjects, I would like to gradually build my arsenal now, but confused with below choices.

1. Nikon AFS 50mm f/1.8G and 2. Nikon AFS 35mm f/1.8G 3. Nikon AFS DX 35mm f/1.8G

I have been using my kit lens on Indoor photography, Close ups, Kids, Street photography, Landscapes.

I am following a lot of material on DPR and others in astro photography these days encouraged by seeing the works of my colleagues But I feel, I have not fully developed a taste in astro photography. It may take a year or so.

I have seen lot of people using f 2.8 or wider stop and 16-35 for astro photography, so I believe f 1.8 will serve good enough.

Also, I am not sure of the field of view on DX format body. The pictures of London bridge showing angle of view on DP really not helping me understand as I cannot get what distance it is taken.:-(

However, I wish to continue to keep the new lens on for most of the time helping me deal with photography I used to with kit lens.

FX 35mm is more than twice the price of FX 50mm. But the DX 35mm is cheaper of all. Only where I use fully manual mode is close ups and land scapes where the subjects do not move much.

I may go with AF lens, but in D5200, there is no focus driven from body, so I cannot comfortably deal with indoor photography for family functions where sometimes requires spontaneous photography and especially street photography requires fast focusing.

Also, to keep in mind that if I outgrow to FF, then I may use the same lens without hassle.

Thanks for reading and look forward to your repliesĀ 



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