Who wants Triple-Mode Hybrid Low-Light ExpSim EVF + Good-Light OVF advantages in future EOS dSLRs?

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Sdaniella Contributing Member • Posts: 753
Who wants Triple-Mode Hybrid Low-Light ExpSim EVF + Good-Light OVF advantages in future EOS dSLRs?

For the serious ultra-low-light and fast-action amateurs/prosumers/pros who shoot in both lighting scenarios:

Who wants Triple-Mode Hybrid Low-Light ExpSim EVF + Good-Light OVF advantages in future EOS dSLRs?

By Triple Mode, I mean the ability to see thru the dSLR Triple-Mode VF with selectability of flexibility of 3-modal options:

Mode 1) In typical good (outdoor/indoor) light OVF-only mode for fast-tracking/panning moving subjects like sports, people, wildlife, machines, etc. FPS limited to 14-16fps (mirror-reflex action in play; optical blackouts with EVF off)

Mode 2) In typical poor (indoor/outdoor night) ultra low light ExpSim LV EVF-only mode for moderately moving subjects, nature, landscapes, street/architecture, still portraits, Cine video, etc. fps can go up depending on shutter speeds chosen and lower Min ISOs chosen (Canon dual-iso sensor raw capture being a given; maybe Triple(+ or more)-ISO RAW capture up next). fps gets ultra-fast in better light (obviously) 60fps/120fps... (mirror stays up; no optical view possible because your eyes cannot see optically in near pitch black). NEW: EVF showing Classic ExpSimLV is Viewable via a SINGLE FREE-FORM PRISM that points up to a EVF display (OLED for fastest refresh rates)

Mode 3) In good (indoor/outdoor) light where fast-action tracking/panning is not needed, unlike Mode 1 above, this is more a handheld dSLR to ones eyes where one can SIMULTANEOUSLY see BOTH Mode1 and Mode2 at the same time, both Optical Viewing and Electronic Viewing of Exposure Simulation ─╣ive Preview (Canon ExpSim LV) for EVERDAY regular speed shooting (creative blur or freeze action possible in slower/slowest fps, say 7fps. mirror stays down or goes up depending on your preference. NEW: obviously reflex mirror is NOT opaque like before, but TRANSPARENT like in Sony SLT, except mirror REFLEX capability is still available for any desired mirror up shooting as current EOS LV dSLRs still are. NEW: combining both conventional pentaprism OVF but with New REFLEX-UP-or-STAY-DOWN Transparent (not opaque) Mirror (addresses correcting image inversion from lens), AND NEW free-form prism EVF overlayed together?* atop separately?* to allow SIMULTANEOUS OVF-EVF abilities, previously unavailable (NON-EXISTENT from all mfrs to date (2014-Aug-22))

Separate: old givens, the usual large screen-monitor OLED/TFT: fixed or vari-angle swivel-screen (built-in or ... NEW: modular-removable/updatable/replaceable)

Includes: remote LIVE ExpSim LV monitoring via computer (well beyond arms length; in another place), or tripod/extension-mount vari-angle swivel-screen usage (near to camera body but beyond arms-length; possibly not viewable behind (in front of; off centre to; beside camera)

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I only need OVF and shoot in good light very fast action. I can dispense with all exposure determination the old light meter sensor reading way, or initial fast usage of Canon ExpSim LV on my larger screen-monitor is enough for me. Stills Only. high fps.
35.7% 5  votes
I only need EVF and shoot in very dark conditions or slower action or both, and like using Canon's ExpSim LV full-time. So, I prefer my eyes on the EVF most of the time instead of shooting via screen-monitor LV (fixed or vari-angle). Stills and Cine. ultra-high fps.
14.3% 2  votes
I really like best of both OVF and EVF (Canon ExpSim LV) and the NEW BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY VIEWABLE optical + electronic ExpSim LV capabilities for everday shooting, moderately low light, too, stills and Cine. moderate fps. can switch to both options 1 or 2 (above) too for both their strengths/advantages/limitations. I can instantly switch between all three modes at will with my eyes remaining on the VF.
42.9% 6  votes
I only use the larger screen-monitor (fixed or vari-angle) because all my shooting involves my eyes needing to be farther away from camera body than eye-point allowed.
7.1% 1  vote
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