Interested in object photography, thinking about a a5000 as my first real camera

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Interested in object photography, thinking about a a5000 as my first real camera

Hi everyone.

I've become increasingly interested in photography the last years, and especially object/macro photography, but I'm currently only shooting with my phone (xperia Z).

I went through my dropbox camera folder recently and was totally dejected by what I saw there. Every picture is grainy, lacks colour-depth and has "too much background".

I got a lightbox a few months ago, hoping it'd give me more hours of the day to take pics, but it seems the phone's sensor is "corrupted" by the lighting conditions outside the lightbox (and it can't handle the white or black background).

Here's 2 unedited pics from my 2 latest shoots:

Bunny taken during a sunny morning:

(and one of the few pics from that shoot that's not too bright/washed out by too much light)

Figma taken during the night:

Edited version of last pic where I've compensated more than enhanced (:S):

I'm kinda in a position now where I want to either give up completely, or try to invest in a proper camera, so I spent the last 2 days researching cameras; mirror-less and entry level SLR's and checking what I can get for my limited budget: (4000kr ~ 648$ with a lens - in Norway this isn't much).

Since I take so many pictures at sub-optimal times of the day, I really want a camera that's good at low-light, and while I don't mind learning an SLR, I'd really like a small, light camera that's easy to bring along, as I noticed when I got to try a Nikon D70 that it never got to go anywhere with me.

I've really fallen in love with the idea of wi-fi functionality, it feels like it would be a lot more convenient to transfer the images directly instead of having to plug into the pc. I also do most of my image editing on my Xperia Z tablet, so it would remove a transfer step.

Of course I would also love to have a full-functioning camera, with great image quality, a view-finder and image-stabilizer, basically, I want a a6000. Unfortunately I can't afford one.

So, I have to compromise.

The three cameras I've ended up shortlisting are:

Sony Alpha a5000 w/16-50 mm Sony Power Zoom 3250kr

Sony Alpha a58 w/18-55mm II 3500kr

Nikon d3200 w/all in one AF-S DX 18-105 VR 3990kr

The Nikon is obviously the best deal, I get a proper non-kit lens with it, and it's a full-functioning SLR, but I'm afraid the big size and no wi-fi would mean it sits around getting dusty half the time.

I really want I camera I can bring along when I just take a trip out of the house.

That's why I've ended up on the a5000. It's light, has wifi, has good image quality and is apparently rather good at low-light situations. I'm a bit scared of the problematic raw files and it's longevity. I really don't want to be in this same position in a year, wanting to upgrade because the camera is limiting me.

What do you think, will the a5000 be a good training camera, that'll last me a few years?

The other cameras available in my price range are:

Mirrorless: Samsung NX3000/NX300/NX1100, Olympus E-PL5/E-PM2, Panasonic Lumix GF6 (this scored badly on low-light), Sony a3000/a5000/NEX-3N/NEX-5R/NEX-5T, Nikon 1 J2/J3, Canon EOS M

(Fujifilm X-M1 w/pancake lens - Bit too expensive, but can reach it)

SLR: Nikon D3100 w/ 2 lenses, Canon EOS 1100/1200/(100D barely, a bit too expensive really), Sony a58

Sony Cybershoot DSC-HX400V/B is also available, but scored really badly on low-light/high ISO

(The Olympus OM-D EM10 is 1500kr over my cut-off, and the newly announced a5100 will be 1800kr more than I can afford)

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