Migrating lightroom from internal hard drive to NAS

Started Aug 23, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Migrating lightroom from internal hard drive to NAS

It appears that one of my Raid 1 hard drives on my Dell has quit working. I have adequate backups (I think) so I'm not too worried about losing many pictures. All my pictures and Lightroom catalogs are on that Raid drive. I plan to work that tomorrow morning.

I have been considering moving to a Synology DS414 NAS storage device. This may be a good time to do that.


How hard is it to move my raw files to NAS?  I will likely move via USB drives.

I assume I should keep the same directory structure on the NAS?

Do you have any recommendations in how to best move my catalog from a Dell PC to my Mac. I will likely keep my pics on the NAS and the catalog on my mac (and stop using the Dell)?

Should I expect any issues if I connect my mac to the network wirelessly?  I can connect with Ethernet cable, if needed

Can anyone recommend any tutorials on setting up the NAS, migrating the catalogs, etc?  I am fairly PC capable but not an expert by any means.   A good tutorial would be terrific.

Additional data:

The RAID storage drive in the Dell is drive D. The operating system and programs are in drive C. The catalog is also on drive D

the Mac has one hard drive.

Ideally, I would like to access the files via an internet connection when traveling.

Thanks in advance for any info

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