X-Pro1 + Nikon 180mm/2.8 AIS

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Re: X-Pro1 + Nikon 180mm/2.8 AIS

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Mark9473 wrote:

I have that same lens somewhere in storage, so this thread is definitely of interest to me.

Can you tell me how annual focusing works on Fuji camera's? Is there focus peaking or some other feature, or is it all down to good eyesight?

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I use focus peaking most of time.


Your lens and that shot you took is sweet!

When i manual focus I too leave it in focus peaking most of the time. If I'm shooting under of plenty of light is hard to miss focus anyway, if you have pretty good eye sight that is

These are some of the shots i have been able to get in MF. Is not so hard to do, but i do wish my XE1 did have better manual focus capability. I would think that with a XT1 and it's huge view finder manual focus must be fantastic!

Nice pics.  I have the X-e1 too but I find myself using the X-pro1 more.  Manual focusing is not a big deal for me. It does take some practice if you are not used to it.  Thank you.


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