Getting the FZ1000 in focus

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Getting the FZ1000 in focus

First off let me say how pleased I am after getting my FZ1000 a couple of days ago. My first impressions are terrific. Yes it is much bigger than my FZ100 but it feels great in my hands. The initial images were are good as I had expected after weeks of following this forum.

As with every camera I have purchased I immediately investigate the "Focus" to see if it is accurate. I have learned from experience with all my other cameras that there are many things that can effect the focus and least of all is the person operating the camera.

One of my favorite websites is "Depth of Field Calculator" and the link is shown below.

I always use the DOF tables to learn more about my Camera.  The sad news is that since the FZ1000 is so new this site has not been updated as of yet.

The point I want to make for all owners of the FZ1000 is just how small the DOF is for most settings of the camera.   There are two major components of DOF and that is the "Near Focus,..and the Far Focus"   The issue is that for every camera setting the actual focus point will be "AHEAD" of the point you thought was your target.   Here is some data for the FZ100 and more extrapolated to the FZ1000.   All of this data assumes your camera and lens are in perfect condition.

FZ100 @ 10', 108mm zoom,...F4.   The DOF is ---Near 9'11.4"   and Far Focus is 10'-1"  Total = 1.6"

FZ100 @  10', 108mm zoom,..F8.    The DOF is --Near 9'10.8"   and Far Focus is 10'-1"  Total = 2.2"

FZ1000 @ 10', 143mm zoom,.F4.    The DOF is --Near 9'-11.7"  and Far Focus is  10'-0"  Total= 0.3"

Fz1000  @ 10'. 143mm zoon, F8.    The DOF is --Near 9'-11.3"  and Far Focus is  10'-1"  Total= 1.7"

FZ1000  @ 20', 143mm zoom, F4.  The DOF is --Near 19'-11"   and Far Focus is 20'-1"  Total = 2.0"

The point is that many times the object that we are shooting at any distance is usually larger that the DOF of our Camera setting so some part of the Bird, butterfly, Bee, may be out of focus.  I want to applaud all of the photographers who have posted there images on this site and the fantastic work they have done.  Yes you have to be lucky enough when you're out searching to FIND a good subject.   But if you do shoot it and later find out that you missed the focus by 0.5 inch,,..what a dissapointment.

I welcome any and all comments and suggestions.  Later next week I will post some results that also shows the difficulty of getting the best focus on Certain colors of Flowers.

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