Quick and Dirty - PL25mm vs Oly 14-42 EZ vs Pana 12-32 GM1 kit

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a bit ridiculous

Maklike Tier wrote:

You may believe the IQ is not the fault of the lenses, but what if I told you the images that you think were 'not the fault of the lenses' were both kit zooms; and the one in the middle (#2) was the PL25?

The difference you are seeing is not the difference in sharpness between the lenses and you certainly cannot say it is because any of the lenses are 'decentered'.

What you are seeing is good old fashioned camera shake in two of the images from using too slow shutter speed and/or sloppy handholding (easy to do when acting quickly in a store).

I generally enjoy 'real life' tests rather than brick wall shots, but c'mon - you can't make ANY conclusions from these photos!

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