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Re: FF possible?

Ashuaria Lee wrote:

jennyrae wrote:

Sony is only one make mirrorless FF? Really? Since when?

I dont want to be offensive, but could you tell me which company is making Fullframe(36x24) mirrorless? (Please dont tell me that Leica M is Fullframe mirrorless...Yes literally it IS a FF mirrorless..But come on...this is not the point)

Though Agree the Leica are full frame but not taken seriously by most, due to cost and functions, it is. 
However RawJaw wasn't talking Mirrorless. He meant Want a Full Frame Camera period.. not full frame mirrorless, as he used to shoot Nikon and I assume is on the Nikon side of the Nikon/Canon war. 
It would have been more proper to say go DSLR, which is what I believe in the context of the comment he meant.

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