Does Samyang 14mm fit well on APS-C(especially, D7000)?

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Re: Does Samyang 14mm fit well on APS-C(especially, D7000)?

Well, you mean the limit of compatibility of 16mm... Am I right..?

No, You can use this Lens on all modern Nikon Digital Cameras with a F-Mount.
I use the 14mm on all my Cameras, (FinePix S2/S5 Pro and my X-A1).

I mean You have only 16MP Resolution with this 16mm Lens on a Nikon D810.
It is a Lens for a APS-C Sensor, that means You must use the DX-Mode with only 16MP instead 36MP.

I wanted to know that there are huge difference in outcomes of both lenses.

The 16mm is with F/2 a bit faster.
Why You not check both Focal-Lengths with a Focal-Length Simulator ?

The reason why I'm concerning this strange matter is that I'm contemplating which to purchase.

Both a very good.
If You want to use a Filter, for both Lenses exists Solutions.

14mm has more wide view but cannot be used with any filter.

There is the SFH-14 Filter Holder.

On the other hand, 16mm has narrower view but can be covered with any of filters. So I'm so confused and hard to choose.

There is nothing "hard" to choose.
Go for the 16mm F/2, the Focusing Ring is wider as from the 14mm.

How do you think Mr. Pauer?

I have already the 14mm F/2.8, because this Lens is already sharp full open.

I need your help. Could you help me?

If You want to go FX in the near Future, You should buy the 24mm F/1.4.
If You want a razor sharp DX Lens, get the faster 16mm F/2.

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