Family pics: rx100m3 or Ricoh gr?

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Re: Family pics: rx100m3 or Ricoh gr?

I looked at both the RX100M3 and Ricoh GR as a supplement to my Fuji X100. The Fuji often tested the patience of my wife while on vacation but I prefer the slower shooting style it sometimes requires as well as the image quality. So I needed to add a "family" camera.

I chose the Sony over the Ricoh because:
1-The image quality is excellent and easily attainable with little effort
2-The flip screen is excellent for hand held self portraits
3-The zoom, while somewhat limited, is handy

4-The 24mm equivalent lens is surprisingly useful
5-WiFi to send to my wife so she can quickly upload to her Instagram and Facebook
6-I love the pop up viewfinder and use it quite frequently. I find it so much easier to compose using it rather than the screen. Nothing wrong with the screen but in the harshest sunlight it can be difficult to accurately compose.

As an enthusiast photographer who insists on image quality, I am pleased with the output of the Sony. The menu system has too many options for my taste, but the camera does offer a multitude of buttons that can be customized and the FN button is fantastic for easy access to my frequently used options (flash comp, focus mode, etc).

The Ricoh likely has better image quality due to the APS-C sensor but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Sony, especially for family and vacation photos. I think of the Ricoh as a "me" camera but the Sony is much more useful as a family camera. 
The Sony is my 2nd camera which I use exclusively for family outings, dinners, etc. I prefer to use my Fuji, but the Sony is a better "family" camera because it is more versatile. I consider the Ricoh to be more Fuji-like in use.

Hope this is helpful!

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