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Guy Parsons
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Re: Here's what I'm looking for, can you suggest a flash?

biggles266 wrote:

So there are no flash systems that have a radio trigger that also convey Olympus TTL? I had a look at Yongnuo but it only seemed to mention Canon & Nikon that I saw.

I struggled a bit remembering but finally found this page that purports to be RC TTL compatible radio link for Olympus/Panasonic. Others may say if this is a workable device. Cost = ???, availability in Oz = ???

I would like to be able to do the same kind of photography as this guy I follow: doesn't respond to requests for info about his setup though

He is German, may not know English too well. May be too busy taking photos. Looks a lot like reflectors in cases, other times fill flash. Assistants holding large diameter reflectors can work wonders. Take away the beautiful models and it's all a bit ordinary. The girls are what stand out.

OK, good to know. If I eventually got multiple FL-36R's, would they work as extra slave flashes? Being hidden in the room they won't get line of sight but may be able to trigger manually when they see a flash go off?

There are 3 groups controllable with RC control and then each group can have a number of flashes, the manuals seem to indicate that a total of 9 flashes is a comfortable maximum to use.

OK, this is a future goal so if I get the other scenarios covered with a single flash for now that's sufficient. Can I point the bottom of the flash at the camera though, so it can get triggered, even though the head is inside the softbox?

Yes, if you can organise the body to be outside the softbox it may be more reliable in sunlight, but indoors the flash fully in the softbox will work. Better in sunlight to use an umbrella and then the flash body is well "seen" by the camera.The random bounces of the RC signals make it work. Guesswork, not experience speaking here. I've never had problems with "out of sight" flashes indoors, outdoors (the rare times I do it) I always seem to have th e fill flash in the hot-shoe, or macro outside it's RC control and the flash held off to the side, always worked so far.

I'm going off the absolute bottom price a used FL-36R can go, or I also knew I could get a new Yongnuo for that and probably also Metz. But if I did, I would lose TTL and have to go full manual, if I understand correctly. I was kind of hoping someone would say there is a 3rd party flash for that budget which has TTL, but perhaps they have only manual.

You would have to ask at camera stores if there is any cheap TTL flash, there's Chinese cheapies but often you get what you pay for. No cheap way for good flash.

I've come second numerous times bidding for a FL-36R. Have seen them go for as low as $100 before I got involved trying to get one. Usually a bit more though. But $120 is feasible.

I'm happy to stick with my plan of still trying to get a 36R and just trying to make do with what I can do with it, unless there is better alternative you suggest after reading follow up comments above.

The FL-36R is a good little unit but in a big softbox it will be not so wonderful, softboxes can swallow a few stops of light.

Regards...... Guy

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