Tamron 150-600 with TC 1.4 / TC 2.0 - will it work?

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Re: Tamron 150-600 with TC 1.4 / TC 2.0 - will it work?

Karl Persson wrote:

The Tamron is very sharp wide open and it does work with non-Nikon TCs, e.g. Kenko 1.4.

But not with the Nikon TCs?

I´m not saying it is recommended, but it does work. Resolution is ok - far from useless - if you manage to focus properly. This will be a problem, at least hand-held. The D800 does focus this combo in good light, but the hit rate is not the best.

Manual focus works well but tripod or support is needed - of course, we´re talking extreme tele here.

For sure. But sometimes one comes to a situation when 'more' tele-reach would be lovely (but not my general/regualr use) and the cam/lens-combo would be on a tripod anyway. I.e. I recently was able to photograph a Soyuz launch from Baikonur, Kazachstan. It was a night-launch and off course everything was on a tripod - and the only way to focus was manual focus anyway. Esp. as the distance to the launch pad was fixed (1.4km).

I wouldn´t buy the Tamron with the intention to use it with a TC, but if you happen to have a TC it doesn´t hurt to try it.

You've got it: I do happen to own the TC 14e2 and the TC20e3 - so if they would work I would not mind.

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