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Re: So you just buy the "for Canon/Nikon" and use it as a manual flash?

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Hello I am looking to get an FL-36R (since the FL-50R is a bit large and has a slower sync speed and the FL-600R is too expensive for me), but I would like to check how its wireless connection works in practice.

I believe it is controlled by a burst sent by the onboard flash of my Olympus E-P5, is that correct? So my onboard flash must be up but it won't affect the photo, right? There's no way to control it with the onboard flash down?

I am currently using Yongnuo RF603 mk II radio triggers and Yongnuo YN560 mkIII manual flashes (which have built in radio receivers) These work well indoors and out and are not affected by ambient light. I have used them to shoot (photograph) badgers at night and family events in bright sun. I got an occasional failure to trigger with the older version RF603s but this was not more than say 1 in a 100 exposures. I haven't seen this with the later versions (which is what you need to work unmodified with m4/3). Manual flash is pretty easy to set up and has the benefit of more consistent results once you have your settings made. The down side is that you have to make the changes on each flash rather than doing it all on the camera. Yongnuo are bring out a new product (might well be out by now) to allow you to do all the set up from the camera position though. One more thing - The Yongnuo gear is very affordable, but good quality and in my experience very reliable.

Thanks, John, and excellent recommendation Just to clarify -- we buy a "for Canon/Nikon" and simply use it plugged into our stuff as a bunch of dumb manual flashes?

The RF603 mk II in either Canon or Nikon flavour will work unmodified on m4/3 cameras. Earlier versions do not unless they are modified.

The YN 560 mk III flash has built in radio recievers. Previous versions would need to be used with an RF603 attached (any version would do on the flash)

Sounds good to me. I use manual much of the time anyway with the Oly flashes so that I can fully control balance -- mainly between daylight and flash -- and while other things seems to be leaping of the sinking ship at speed, the mental arithmetic remains loyal!

I still can't fathom why Oly went for the mad light system. It was NEVER going to work in a whgole bunch of situations. And now Panny has adopted it. Sigh.

The day Yongnuo comes out with an Oly/Panny foot will be the day Oly/Panny/Metz/et al sell their last m43 flash.

Cheers, geoff

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