Question re practical use of wireless (RC) flashes

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Re: Agree

dinoSnake wrote:

Phil Rose wrote:

I agree with John about the usefulness and reliability of the Yongnuo 603 MII triggers. I've been using a set of them with my E-M1 and FL-36 flash for about 3 or 4 months. I've taken at least a thousand flash images without a single failure to flash (except when I forget to turn on a switch ).

I have no particular need for TTL, so the inexpensive 603 II and any plain-vanilla flash (like the FL36) is just the ticket for my macro shots. No worries about aiming the flash for the IR trigger signal or interference by bright sunlight, etc.

Can you say that the Yongnuo 603 MkII / MkIII ("C3" version now available) triggers at least do Olympus / Panasonic-compatible TTL pass-through to the receiver's hot shoe?

The Mk II (I don't think there is a III yet) works on m4/3 cameras in either the Nikon or Canon flavours (C3 = Canon) without the need for modification.



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