Problem with Spyder4pro & Dell monitor

Started Aug 22, 2014 | Questions thread
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hoakin1981 Regular Member • Posts: 319
Problem with Spyder4pro & Dell monitor

I have a Dell U2412M monitor calibrated with the Datacolor Spyder4pro. Problem is I think after calibration I get a weird magenta-ish or warm-ish color cast which I cant say I like that much. To be honest on some cases I prefer the colors before the calibration, they just seem more natural.

Since I am about to start editing a bulk load of shots I would like to clarify some points before I start just to avoid having to reprocess them.

1. Is the outcome of a calibration "subjective"? meaning that the gear does what it thinks it should do and you either like it or not. So, in this case there is no right or wrong, there are only individual preferences.

2. Can a calibration tool be tested somehow? without spending a fortune is it possible to make sure it works properly?

3. Could it be a settings problem? I have checked the monitors specs and I am using the correct "LED type" which is the only thing I believe could matter.

4. If worse comes to worst, would it be a bad idea to turn off the calibration and rely only on the set brightness value to edit my shots? Meaning that during the calibration by using the spyder I set the monitor to 90cd/m2, so at the end I could disable the calibration keeping the brightness of course as is. After all isn't this the biggest danger of printing from an un-calibrated monitor, prints coming out too dark?

Unfortunately at this moment I cannot afford a new calibration tool and I cannot wait to edit my shots until I do so I need to find the best solution now.

Any comments, thoughts and recommendations most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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