***WINNERS - Mini Challenge # 436 - "NOCTURNE" ***

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***WINNERS - Mini Challenge # 436 - "NOCTURNE" ***

Thanks for all the entries. As expected, there were a wide variety of interpretations: fromthose who thought sunlight should be a part of it to those who went totally dark, and from peopled scenes to the lifeless remnants of the day. It took some serious ponderin to sort them out and put them in some sort of order. But before I get into that I'd like to make some recommendations for future minis while I'm holding the talking stick.

In response to suggestions made by Jim and Stephen, I'd like to recommend that futurehosts post a first response to their challenge titled either SAMPLES or EXHIBITIONS, and invite others to post their non-entries under that post. Last week I made the mistake of awarding first place to an image that was clearly marked "for fun" , which I'd completely overlooked. Keeping the for fun or exhibition images separate from posts containing entries would eliminate that from happening again. Perhaps we could discuss this in a separate thread and come to some sort of agreement with which we're all comfortable.

Bruce Hunter's "The Last Bus" is a fine example of what a thoughtful and inventive title can do for an image. Without that title it's just a bus on a dark street, but the title bequeaths it with an endless possibility of back stories to give it a dark sentimentality. For this reason I'm including it as an Honorable Mention.

I think it was an injustice not to submit this image as an entry.


Sue Anne's "Arlington". Looking out of the window of one's high rise apartment before turning in for the night would provide this peaceful view of a city that's vibrant by day.

John's (JWIS) "Village Psychic". Walking past this brightly lit basement business at night would give me an ominously eerie feeling of bad fortune, and cause me to quicken my steps, perhaps even cross the street.

Stephenw's "Glasgow" is just the opposite: the large billboard featuring a pensive middle age woman reflects a benevolent watchfulness, as if to say, "Sleep city, sleep. I'm watching over you."

THIRD PLACE: Zenfr. Although untitled, my first reaction to it was identical to how I'd feel if I looked out my window at the same scene: "What are those two characters up to in the middle of the night?" Good composition, and the varying tones of the image lead the eye directly to the two "suspects".

SECOND PLACE: Dan's "Venice Sleeping". The stillness of the water says it's not only night, but late night, since there's not a single ripple left from a moving gondola. The image has very good balance, both in composition and color, and the points of interest are exactly where they should be, with the indistinct vanishing point masked by the foot bridges, making the viewer wonder where the canal leads.

And the WINNER is: Stephenw's "Suburban Street Fog". This one has it all: the darkened homes on each side, with not a single light in any window; the street lights, each with its cone of misty illumination, receding into the distance; even the cars with their droopy headlights, seem to be asleep. And then there is that "Who is coming?" feeling in the form of the distant lights of a car to add a touch of mystery. As with the "Last Bus" above, this image conjures up a lot of possibilities for a story.

Congrats, Stephen, the next mini is yours to name.

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