Nikon V1 - Who is keeping?

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Re: i wouldn't trade my V1 +1

Nice trade-in list. I sold my D90 to help pay for a Sony A6000. I sort of wished I sold one of my two V1s.  I like the silent shutter of the V1 for street photography, but it doesn't focus and snap in time for the moment. The Sony has been better for that. The V1 gets sorted of locked in this mode of not being able to focus and get the shot taken. This barely happens with the Sony. I find turning off the V1 and turning it back on helps. This has happened with both V1s (black and white models).

toomanycanons wrote:

pwilly wrote:

I wouldn't trade my V1 for anything else currently available.

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Just an old dos guy

Just shows you how different photogs have different needs.

I'd trade my J1 for:

1) D610

2) D810

3) Sony A7s

4) Uh, lessee, Fuji XT-1

5) Uh...really, the list is endless. But I'm keeping my J1 and would probably keep a V1 if I had one and wasn't offered the cameras above.

6) Oh yeah, D5300.

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