Nikon wide angle dilemmas… 14-24, 18-35 and filters

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Re: For me no dilemmas the 14-24 is a pretty clear winner (before I purchase the Zeiss 15).

Stian Olaisen wrote:

I'm thinking about the Tokina 16-28. Any thoughts about that one? Reviewers seems to rave about it..

First of all I do not own this lens, but at one point I was seriously consider to replace my 17-40L with this lens but later picked up a different prime as my shooting style kind of changed and I actually prefer primes, I used to shoot with a friend who using this lens as his main landscape and starry night pictures, we never did any serious scientific side by side test but only some quick real world shot comparison while we were waiting for moon or Milkyway to come up and things like that just to kill time, according to my memory, it's a really nice lens, the only weak part I remember was the wide open edge performance, I think the 16mm at 2.8 on this lens is softer than the 14mm at 2.8 from the 14-24G, but we hardly shoot wide open for day time landscape so that's not a problem at all, the only time we shoot wide open 2.8 at 14/16mm is when shooting Milky Way and night sky, but may be because combined with the the vignetting and the overall  dark picture, the difference is not as obvious, I mean you just don't have any super clear edge to edge with tons of detail foreground to compare in this type of pictures, the guy also picked up a Samyang 14 + Samyang 24 1.4 for night sky shooting, just like myself, may be getting too much influence from me and few other friends, we all became Samyang 14 fans, be honest for anyone looking for a lens for starry night shooting, they should take a look at this little lens.

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