Nikon wide angle dilemmas… 14-24, 18-35 and filters

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Paul Liukas
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Re: Nikon wide angle dilemmas… 14-24, 18-35 and filters

If you do not print, print small or use images mainly for web resolutions (up to 2500px) there is no visible difference. I compared Zeiss 25 with 16-35 and 18-35 after post proccesing up to 2500px, practically no possibility to see difference.

18-35 for daylight or tripod use, travel light, filters

16-35 for walking without tripod, early morning or early evening, filters

14-24 if you need 2.8 or 14 mm or if you need extreme image quality for big prints or posters and don't care for size

I chose 16-35 for VR, I like traveling and walking without tripod I would never get images with other lenses at 1/6-1/10 sec f8. better less sharp (if so) image than no image.

16-35 from last weekend, handheld

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I still don't believe that my new 70-200 f4 beats Zeiss 100 f2 and Nikon 85 f1.8. But this is true!

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