sony a6000 or d5300 - photos with my child

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Re: sony a6000 or d5300 - photos with my child

The key to your question is "one year old at home"

When I look through photos of my kids from one to three years old, the ones that my wife and I really love are the ones where we had the camera one or two feet off the floor, shot using a good LiveView AF. And I was usually on my knees getting the shot.

Just because of where I would be in the house, in the sandbox, around furniture, the dogs, etc.  Those shots would not have been possible with me trying to lay down flat on the floor, trying to look through an OVF.

Besides the fact that with a one or two year old, there are times, like when they are eating ice cream on the carpeted floor and the dog starts to lick their face too emphatically, that you want to be close enough to them to reach out and grab them, the dog, or the ice cream, to prevent some little disaster.   And those of use with small kids in the house know this is pretty much every single minute that they are awake.  If disaster is not here, it is potentially only 5 seconds away all the time.

Do not listen to anyone giving camera advice that does not have small kids in the house... they have no idea what reality is for people like us.  And that includes people who have grown up kids, or even teenagers.  They have completely forgotten.  As I had too I have to admit. My kids are 8 and 10, but I am only getting a refresher course in reality because we are regularly baby sitting a 1.5 year old again.

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