Got some NX1 info.

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Re: Got some NX1 info.

Xoden wrote:

Unfortunately, FF sensor and lenses negate the primary advantage of mirrorless crop cameras - sufficiently compact size compared to SLRs, while your only gain is better IQ. And better SNR, which is important part of it, is negated by generally slower apertures of the same-sized, same-priced lenses both due to too thin DoF and design constraints.

First as has been mentioned the A7 proves this isn't true.

This fallacy needs to end.

Mirrorless Cameras are a system that allows you to have compact size if you desire but still gives you the ability to have the power of a DSLR.

f2.8 lens can't be made compact, but I know professionals that love the idea of being able to have a more compact size when they want it, with all the power of the bigger lens and the FF sensor.

the same is true of the APS-C Mirrorless. I want to have larger lens when I'm doing some of my work, people get very weirded out if I put on a 30mm prime on to do a head shot (some times you want that focal length)

But if I'm out for a walk having a light compact system is handy (particular in january in Niagara Falls during a 8 hour photowalk).

The Advantage of Mirrorless is that it can be compact and powerful. Not just Compact.

Compare the A7 with a A99, the A7 is very compact.

I don't think Samsung will produce a Full frame yet. I think at one point they planned on it. It is lens production, unless Samsung is willing to step it up with lens production, I can't see them wasting money on yet another system, that is a niche market. (Rich folks, and pros)

A pro quality APS-C is more likely (I hope), I don't put anything past Samsung though, it is their company they can produce anything they want.

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