New naming suggestion (not quite serious)

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Andreas Stuebs Contributing Member • Posts: 924
New naming suggestion (not quite serious)

I agree with all those folks who think the term "mirrorless" to classify a type of camera rether stupid, as it classifies things by something they don't have. Just as if you'd referred to digital cameras as filmless cameras. Also, the term mirrorless fails to differentiate between those cameras which have a viewfinder and those which don't. So here is a suggestion to regroup cameras:

first you differentiate between system cameras - those cameras, where you can exchange lenses - from cameras which are not system cameras.

Whithin the group of system cameras you have three groups:

  • system cameras - i.e. plain cameras without any form of view finder other than the display at the back: DSC - digital system cameras
  • Electronic Viewfinder System Cameras  - i.e. all those system cameras which cam equipped with an electronic viefinder: DEVSC 
  • Opticla Viewfinder System Cameras: DOVSC you could diferentiate between reflex optical viefinders and the non-reflex type, buit is that actually necessary.

The you should drop the "digital" because that is now the standard

This leave you with three terms SC, EVSV, and OVSC

The terms SLR and TLR should be used soley for film cameras.

(befor you flame me to the ground, don't worry, I am not really serious, especially as language is a means ov communication, and the terms normally used are understood and hence serve this prime purpose.)

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