Quick and Dirty - PL25mm vs Oly 14-42 EZ vs Pana 12-32 GM1 kit

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Re: Very Quick and Dirty

Maklike Tier wrote:

eques wrote:

Maklike Tier wrote:

eques wrote:

#1 shows severe shake or shutter shock, #3 the same but to a lesser extent. So I could just guess #2 was made with PL25 wide open or with one of the zooms with active OIS.

I hope you didn't make your decision on basis of these images.


Shutter shock huh. Sure it's not.....decentered?

There's no shutter shock in any of these photos.

Of course, sorry to name the things not to be named.

But seriously, I believe the bad IQ of ##1 and 3 are not the fault of the lenses.


Well, I gave full warning that I just whipped the camera out, stuffed the lenses on and pressed the shutter button. This is not a 'critique my photo' post.

You may believe the IQ is not the fault of the lenses, but what if I told you the images that you think were 'not the fault of the lenses' were both kit zooms; and the one in the middle (#2) was the PL25?

Well, that was my first guess, see above.

Would that information - when combined with the knowledge of every test on the internet carried out with those three lenses - lead you to believe that kit lenses could resolve as much detail as the PL25; it's just me and my 'quick and dirty' contribution that has the issues?

I am well aware, that the kit zooms are no excellent lenses - I myself avoid them, if possible. However they are not that bad - and look at the double contours of the images #1 and also #3.

Could you provide the exif data, now that you unveiled the secret? Knowing that #2 was made with the PL25, I suspect P-Mode or iA mode selected wide open aperture and the zoom lenses didn't have OIS activated, so that exposure time was about 5,5 times as long as with the PL25.


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