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Re: FF possible?

jennyrae wrote:

personally, picture quality is only secondary when compared since I do not really shoot more at High ISO. main reason why I use FF is 35mm FOV which is cropped away with APS-C and equivalence is not really equivalent with lens.

OK but it is not a reason to make FF camera.

If Samsung wiil make a lens 23 mm/F1 it will be the same as your 35/F1,4 FF.

Of course today we have no equivalents for FF lenses.

Zoom 16/50 F2-F2,8 can replace FF zoom 24-70/F2,8-F4.

Another thing are technical differences.

In general FF sensor delivers or more resolution or better DR/lower noise.

DX sensor is twice smaller so must be done in better technology or use faster lenses (about 1EV) to work on lower ISO and achive also smal DOF.

If very small DOF is not needed than there is no special reason to use FF.

A think for amateur more important is smaller size.

Last time I use much more often small compact Panasonic LX7 than NX10 camera.

I have in the pocket wider range of focal lenghts and macro.

The quality? Yes A3 is perfect quality and it is only 1/1,7 10 MP sensor.

So for me NX1 should me compact simple PASM only camera with very good EVF perfect fast AF system- you know if AF is poor than any sensor and lens will not help particulary if we use F2 or faster apertures.

I would expect also a new NX mini body (SLR styled) and megazoom lens as Panasonic FZ1000 offers.

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