Got some NX1 info.

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Re: FF possible?

of course. purchase depends on one's needs. the consideration of FF or larger plays a role when user needs it. general rule is when big print size is considered, FF or larger will always have advantage. and only consider this if you really using it which pro most likely do. the apparent MP race even further gives more reason for pro to consider format.

personally, picture quality is only secondary when compared since I do not really shoot more at High ISO. main reason why I use FF is 35mm FOV which is cropped away with APS-C and equivalence is not really equivalent with lens. for me, using FF is more natural and gives more headroom for composition. something that APS-C do not offer. APS-H is manageable in my experience.

now question of my feeling if NX1 is APS-C? I do not care but make sure picture quality has dramatic improvement and AF is now capable of action photography. does 28MP important for me? not really but I would welcome if picture quality is up to it and not create problem. but I would be thrilled with an APS-H.

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