Question re practical use of wireless (RC) flashes

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Re: Question re practical use of wireless (RC) flashes

JCB123 wrote:

I am currently using Yongnuo RF603 mk II radio triggers and Yongnuo YN560 mkIII manual flashes (which have built in radio receivers) These work well indoors and out and are not affected by ambient light. I have used them to shoot (photograph) badgers at night and family events in bright sun. I got an occasional failure to trigger with the older version RF603s but this was not more than say 1 in a 100 exposures. I haven't seen this with the later versions (which is what you need to work unmodified with m4/3). Manual flash is pretty easy to set up and has the benefit of more consistent results once you have your settings made. The down side is that you have to make the changes on each flash rather than doing it all on the camera. Yongnuo are bring out a new product (might well be out by now) to allow you to do all the set up from the camera position though. One more thing - The Yongnuo gear is very affordable, but good quality and in my experience very reliable.



Yes, the new transmitter, YN560-TX, is out a month or two ago. I just got my delivery a few days ago from ebay.

I got 3 x YN560 III flashes, plus the YN560-TX transmitter, all for less than the cost of a single Olympus FL-600R. (which I already own)

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