Problem Lighting

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Problem Lighting

In his recent Thread "For Your Consideration" Laurence noted that he was shooting, "under lighting from hëll."

I find myself in a similar Problem Lighting situation and seek advice from the august members of this Forum.

As background, I have been doing a lot of real estate photography for the past two years, as I am now in the business of rehabbing and flipping houses here in Maryland and DC. I do all the house photography, as well as some outside work for other Real Estate Investors. As a side note, I now shoot all of the BEFORE and Work In Progress photos with my Nikon D5000 delivering JPEGs right out of the camera. For the AFTER shots I use my SD15; why not my SD1M you ask?  Simply because it is overkill! These AFTER photos are infrequently printed, but rather displayed on websites with the listing. When they are incorporated into sales flyers the image size is usually 2x3" or smaller.  In some ways the SD15 is overkill, but that is the camera for all of my lenses.

I shoot on a tripod, usually with my favorite lens, the 8-16mm super wide angle zoom lens. With this you can usually get three walls of a room in a single shot at 8mm. Yes there is some stretching and distortion, but that is what Photoshop is for!! My clients love the whole room view and it's their opinion (in the form of their checkbook) that counts.

Up until now I have been shooting with existing light at f8 with little or no regard to the length of the exposure. I have tried using flash, but am not pleased with the colder tones produced with the flash images.  I want these sales images to be warmer and more pleasing to the eye.

Finally I'll get to the point. I shot a renovated townhouse last month and ran into serious available light problems in the kitchen. Here there was a window and door producing sunlight; plus a ceiling fixture with incandescent light; recessed lights with fluorescent spiral tubes, and finally off camera some really cold LED lighting. That was a color temperature nightmare!

I have uploaded the Out of Camera JPEG, my processed JPEG, and the original X3F to my pbase account here:

I solicit any and all comments, critiques, suggestions and other contributions as to how best to solve this problem lighting situation, both from a shooting perspective (I use AWB) and a post-processing perspective.

Fire away!!

Best Regards,


PS - for EXIF nitpickers the exposure date will show as 2010, as I didn't check that before the shoot.  Shame on me!!

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