Got some NX1 info.

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Re: FF possible?

dka91 wrote:

Ok..well by your tone you seem annoyed;

The tone is within your perception, not my words.

"Want full frame? Go Nikon. Don 't wait for the wheel to be reinvented."

I mentioned full frame and how it would be good, but never said I wanted it. You then told me to go Nikon, in a confrontational sounding way and then procceeded to tell me how the NX mount fulfills your needs, again as if I was slighting the Samsung NX by what I said.

If I sounded like I was insulting Samsung my apologies.

I am the last person that would worry about a camera company being insulted, or even my being insulted because I use a particular brand of camera.

It is correct that FF is not essential, but would it be cool to have? Definately, do I want to see it? why not.....

All that said, the wheel being re-invented sounds far harder than getting a full frame sensor into an NX body

Thank you for the exchange of ideas.

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